29 Aug
Patrick Frey's half scarf / half calender creation

I guess it’s the time of year where new calenders begin hitting the interwebs, as the annual Pirelli Calender 2012 — featuring Kate Moss, Mila Jovovich, Lara Stone & Rinko Kikuchi — was teased last week. Industrial designer Patrick Frey‘s entry into the field, however, is almost more art project than calender. Frey’s latest design is a knit scarf that counts down the year by unraveling stitch by stitch — once fully unraveled, you can send it to a knit-loving friend and have them turn your erstwhile calender into a beanie, sweater or whatever else. Sure counting down the days on your new calendar may turn you into a bit of a compulsive obsessive as you desire to unravel days that haven’t yet passed, but it’s all worth it. The 2012 calendar can be yours for under $80, but we hope you can read German.

More of the Gregor 2012 Unraveling Scarf Calendar after the Jump…

via This is Collasal

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