4 Aug
Only 100 of these highly exclusive powered bikes to be created

We posted about Derringer Cycles’ Bespoke Collection a couple weeks back, and now we get word of an exclusive series of motorized bicycles from the brand. Derringer‘s new DLS line is a highly limited series of bikes, each individually numbered but identical to the spoke. While inspired by the vintage British and American motorcycles from the 1920s, the DLS also takes cues from the Model T Ford in that its only available in one color: almond white. Designer Adrian Van Anz founded Derringer in 2007 as a means to create a revolutionary new class of efficient personal transportation, and these 2-wheelers have carved out a niche with their hybrid series engines. That means if you want to pedal like a normal bicycle you can, and if you want a little help from the tiny motor going uphill you can take it easy and let it augment your pedaling. And if you’re feeling really lazy, you can just chill and let the motor do all the work. Best part is there’s no need to worry about gas, as the DLS bikes feature 1.5 gallon tanks which supply upwards of 180 mpgs. Only 100 of these bicycles will be released at a price of $1,920, so get them if you can…

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