3 Aug
Famed Spanish motorcycle marque returns after 3-decade absence

Those who know vintage motorcycles and competitive racing will recognize the OSSA marque, otherwise chances are you’ve never even heard of the once legendary Spanish company. Now, after a 28-year absence, the famed brand has fired up its Catalan factory once again and its first offering is the TR 280i Trial Bike. The 2-wheel off-road specialist weighs in at a skeletal 148 lbs (67kg), making it incredibly adroit at Trial exercises. Moreover, they’ve logically redistributed various parts of the bike — such as the 272 cc two-stroke engine with its single cylinder tilted backwards, adapted Öhlins TTX rear mono shock, and the electronic injection system and filter box placed on top if the engine — in order to maximize weight distribution for a low center of gravity. Of course the one bummer is the bike has no seat, which is fine for trial riding but could wear on your thighs after awhile. No word yet on price.

via BikeEXIF

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