11 Aug
The vibrant past and present tense of the Motor City

One of the top electronic music websites out there, Resident Advisor, has begun a video series documenting specific cities and the role they’ve played in the emergence of the movement and the specific genre which was bred and inculcated there. The first film, Real Scenes: Bristol, dealt with the city’s role in the rise of all things dub-oriented, and its indelible role in the genre and its progeny, both in the past and present tense. This week they released the second installment, Real Scenes: Detroit, which deals with what else? Of course, the history of techno, the influence of The New Dance Show (which Mayer Hawthorne tapped recently for his latest video), the DMF, Youthville and the current state of the city’s musical culture. Props to RA (and series sponsor Bench) who’ve put together a really beautifully shot, excellently edited 18-minute documentary each time. These aren’t sloppily put together, shoddy docs — the attention to production and even cinematography are top notch. Enjoy the Detroit installment below, and keep you eyes open for future editions…

Real Scenes: Detroit from Resident Advisor on Vimeo.

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