5 Aug
69 minutes of very brostepish dubstep for weekend juice

Play Me label founder Reid Speed delivers a 69-minute opus of tuff dubstep to get your weekend in order. Not for the feint of heart, or those looking for some tepid background music to while away the afternoon calmly. Demonstrating her multi-genre past (D&B, breaks, 2-step,  bassline, electro et al) the mix lassos a wide range of producers: Freestylers, Trowa, Dieselboy, Evol Intent, Blaqstarr, Qemists, Nicky Minaj, DC Breaks and more. Expect your dubstep loving co-worker Onders to lean over the cubicle, and give you a very hearty, “Cool Story Bro!” before running off to hit on the receptionist. That dude is such a goddamn perv…

Reid Speed “Cool Story Bro” Dubstep Mixtape below, plus full tracklist after the Jump…


Reid Speed “Cool Story Bro” Dubstep Mixtape Tracklist

1. Chris Brown- Look At Me Now (King’s Lost His Goddamned Mind Remix)
2. Culprate- Airline
3. Persist- This Sound (No Comply)
4. Dirt Monkey- Imperial March
5. RUN DMT- Midnight (Trowa Remix)
6. Messinian, SPL, Triage- Smash The Set (Hollowpoint)
7. Dirt Monkey- Rumble Bee
8. Cyberoptics- Geisha VIP (Play Me Records)
9. Lick The Sound- Jet Pack Assassin
10. Freestylers- Frozen (Cookie Monsta Remix)
11. The Qemists- Dirty Words (Ninja Tune)
12. Breakfast- Every Night feat. Jeannine Hebb- (SPL Remix)
13. Trowa- Boochie Boochie Bango
14. Blaqstarr- Rider Girl (Nadastrom Remix)
15. Le Doom- One Minute Moombah
16. Trowa- Headhunter
17. Dr P.- Watch Out (Froskees & Joaquin Moombacore Remix)
18. RUN DMT- Madness
19. Foreign Beggars- Solace One feat. Black Sun Empire (Never Say Die)
20. Jungle Fever aka Gein- Fuck Errybody
21. FS & Reid Speed- Bass Monster (Play Me Records)
22. Babylon System vs Truth- Murderous
23. Geoff Bukk- Spastic (BroTown)
24. Dieselboy, Evol Intent, Ewun- Midnight Express (SPL, Ill Gates, Triage Remix)
*Metallica- Enter Sandman
25. Calvertron- The Grid (Rottun)
26. Troublegum- This Is The Law (Specimin A Remix) (Future Perfect)
27. Dubsidia- Ganja Monsta (Play Me Too)
28. Drop Top & Figure- We Are Warriors (Calvertron Remix) (Jack Knife)
29. J.Rabbit & Tremourz- Sexy Party (Terravita Remix) (Play Me Records)
30. Cutty Ranks- Limb By Limb (RUN DMT 2011 Remix)
31. Futurebound- Blind Cobbler’s Thumb (Tantrum Desire Remix) (Viper)
32. RUN DMT- Drop Top (Play Me Too)
33. Evol Intent- Thursday Session
*Food Fight Intro
34. Zen- Rhubarb & Custard (Taxman Remix) (Flip Audio)
35. Trowa Feat. Armanni Reign- Nightfire (Play Me Records)
36. DC Breaks- Take That (Ram Records)
37. Phace- Desert Orgy
38. KPC- Devastate (Play Me Too)
39. Gein & Counterestrike- 666
40. DZ- In The Cut (Chronos)
41. Adroa- Battlefield (Rottun)
42. Nicky Minaj- Did It On Em
43. The Cataracts feat. Dev- Top Of The World (Proper Villains Remix)

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