12 Aug
Allsorts liquor-scented organic vegan-friendly soap bars

There’s nothing better than greasy breakfast food and a nice hot shower after a weekend bender, but for those who want to keep the alcohol close even the morning after we’ve got the Allsorts Liquor Scented Soap Bars from EthicallyEngineered. Because let’s face it — sometimes you want to smell like a boozehound even after the whiskey has long worn off. It’s only natural. These cocktail-scented high lather soap bars will be just what you’re looking for in a hot shower, allowing you to lather your junk with the redolent scents of gin and tonic, whiskey sour, screwdriver and prohibition spiced rum. Mmmmm, you can almost smell the rehab. Not to mention the bars are handmade and happen to be organic, vegan-friendly, made from fair wage ingredients and packaged with biodegradable/compostable packaging. Interesting fact: If you live in the Chicago area, your bars can be delivered by bicycle. For those interested in getting a similar high quality and high lather bar that’s organic and vegan friendly, but are too big a pussy to smell like spiced rum, they may want to try one of the Naked Bar Label soaps, which are made from the same ingredients but lack the fragrance and essential oils (and balls). You can order one of the liquor scented soap bars for $5, or a Naked Bars for $4 if you pee sitting down.

More detail looks at the Allsorts Liquor-Scented Soap Bars after the Jump…

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