25 Aug
Mötley Crüe, Public Enemy, Matt & Kim and an army of aging groupies flock to celebrate West Hollywood's most fabled street

As we posted last week the Sunset Strip Music Festival went down this past Saturday, and as expected the festival was a true spectacle — both with the bands performing, and the festival goers who went to celebrate the mighty Sunset Strip… including the armies of aging, drunk and bottle bleached groupies who descended into the crowds when The Crüe took over the main stage. Highlights of the daylong festival, during which they close down a large section of the fabled boulevard, included Matt & Kim bringing the crowd to its feet, Public Enemy keeping things on lock, and of course Tommy Lee’s drumkit spinning around like an upside down ferris wheel to climax Mötley Crüe’s set during his drum solo. He even invited Deadmau5 into the passenger seat next to him to enjoy the insanity — and mass pyrotechnics — in front of the 17,000 plus crowd. Highlights included “Girls, Girls, Girls”, “Wildside” and of course the especially fitting “Home Sweet Home”, when the Crüe nostalgically celebrated 30 years of existence on the street that made them famous. It was truly a moment. Enjoy the pics below…

All photos shot exclusively for Lost In a Supermarket by Dwight Melton…

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  1. Narlix says:

    Wish I’d made it there…awesome pics.

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