22 Aug
Fine prep leather shoes from Sweden

Swedish prep label Tretorn, well known for their rubber-made products and simple shoes, has given us their Walden boots for Autumn 2011. The traditional shoe is crafted with a clean leather upper finished with suede trim. The insulated shoe also features Tretorn’s signature rubber sole. The lacing details make this no-hassle shoe perfect for the current season. Pick them up starting today.


One Response to “Tretorn Walden Boots”

  1. bren says:

    This is a review for the Tretorn Walden Brown/Red shoes.
    I was so excited when I opened the box, soon to be disappointed by how different the actual shoes are from the photos on Amazon and all other sites featuring the Walden.
    The color way is called ‘Glaze Brown/Fiery Red’. The shoes are neither. The leather is very thin and does not look glazed at all, it doesn’t have that sheen, it looks terribly cheap and scuffs VERY easily. There is glue coming out of all seams, it’s very apparent. The grommets for the laces are not of a shinny golden color, but of a very dull brown. The red accent stitching is not red at all, it’s burgundy, almost brown so it stops being an accent. The place where the leather is stitched together on the front of the boot does not have a contrasting color on the edge of the leather, it’s the same dull brown of the rest of the boot.
    These boots look great in the pictures but in real life the look very cheap, and they feel cheap to the touch as well. The photos are probably of some prototype which quality standards were not enforced during production. Terrible purchase, I will be returning these.

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