12 Aug
Only 25 glow-in-the-dark bicycles to be sold worldwide

Vandeyk Contemporary Cycles is a German company whose sole mission is to design and build beautiful bicycles without compromising utility. Each one of their handcrafted collections includes 25 — yes, only 25 — bikes that are sold worldwide. Their newest collection, Nightstream, is the culmination of the work of a team of creatives whose interests include photography, writing, design, and handmade bicycle frame building. The entire collection of Nightstream bikes is personally manufactured by the Vandeyk head of of engineering and framebuilding George Blaschke, who formerly worked with SRAM. The glow in the dark paint scheme was designed by artist Harry Seifert, lending the bicycles a very TRON-like appeal. If you’re interested in getting your hands on one of the limited edition bicycles, contact Vandeyk directly. And have your AMEX Black card ready, because it won’t be cheap.

One more look of Vandeyk Contemporary Cycles Nighstream Collection after the Jump…

via Highsnobiety

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