17 Aug
Supplying you with the easiest cup of OJ around

The Titanium Straw, produced from food safe titanium, may just give the common juice box a run for its life. The metal is totally tasteless and odorless, and will provide you with the world’s easiest fresh cup of OJ. All you need to do is stab the 7″ straw into a ripe fruit and you’ve got the easiest and most mobile drink/snack one could think of. Of course the world’s easiest juicer is gonna cost you, as the titanium straw is also the world’s most expensive — until someone from Dubai or Isabella Whisky sticks a Swarovski crystal on one, then it’s onto the next level. Or you decide to get a fourpack of those Scarface Martini straws. For now pick up a titanium for $15, and you’ll never need to throw away another disposable straw as long as you live. Consider it a lifetime investment.

via Luxury Watches

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