12 Sep
Climb the Alps in ultra luxury footwear from Italy

F. LLI Giacometti, Marmolada is an Italian climbing brand started in 1890 in the foothills of the Dolomites. With a a rich history of crafting beautiful handmade hiking shoes, the brand has created these ostrich leather alpine climbing boots. Although the kneejerk tendency might be to scoff at the ostrich leather being used for actual climbing, the truth of the matter is ostrich is three times tougher than cow hide, meaning it actually can stand some real world abuse. But withe a pricetag of nearly $2,200, you may want to take a little bit better care of your ultra luxury footwear — perhaps as urban trekking shoes. Pick them up at Rumors Japan.

More of the Ostrich Leather Alpine Boots by F. LLI Giacometti Marmolada after the Jump…

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