Goddamn, who would ever think a car could change your life, if even for a few days. And yet the impact our latest test drive had on us was qualitative, transforming us from common pedestrians to lady swooning heroes with the push of a button. Literally. A couple days ago we hooked up with one of the most anticipated cars of the decade, the car anointed to follow up the bloodline of Lamborghini’s vaunted V12-powered road erasers. A beast that was born as the Miura in 1966,  evolved into the godlike Countach, then the Diablo, and in 2001 morphed into the Murciélago. And now, behold the Aventador — a vehicle so chiseled, so barbaric, so bloodthirsty it could be mistaken for a certain Cimmerian bastard. That’s 45 years with only 4 models — impressive longevity in an industry focused on 5-year model cycles. A more respected automotive bloodline you’d hardpressed to find… although Ferrari and Porsche might have a word in that argument. Regardless, this isn’t the review of the test or anything of the sort, it’s simply a tease to give you a peek into what we’ll have up in the next couple weeks. But we were so excited (and to be honest, somewhat scared shitless) driving the Aventador around LA that we knew we had to share a little bit. No, we’re not gonna show you much of the car — we’ll save that for the galleries we’re putting up with our upcoming review; you’ll have to make due with these burlesque-like teases. But we were too excited to hold all our cards in, and figured you might want to get a little taste of the beauty we have for 3 days carving up the streets of LA. Our story so far has been rich — it involves getting ambushed by a group of Romanians who spotted the Aventador from the rooftop of the Disney Music Hall, recognized it as the newest and rarest Lambos roaming the streets, and came begging to take photographs (and who can blame them — with an ass as gorgeous as the Aventador, we were swamped with photo requests every half hour). It also involves Tracy, a homeless comedian that stumbled across our shoot in a downtown alley and decided to help us out for the night. It even involves a little adventure with some of Los Angeles’s finest… but we’ll get into that later (let’s just say there is another level of justice for those that drive $400,000 supercars). For now, peep the behind-the-scenes images of the photoshoots as an appetizer to the full review coming soon, and have a great Memorial Day Weekend (or just regular weekend if you live anywhere other than the US)…

Yup, that’s the actual Aventador Push Start below, cheekily modeled after a classic ICBM missile launcher. One of the few cars that can pull this off without looking preposterous…

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  1. Hmmm says:

    I can’t believe people lend you cars like this. You lucky bastad.

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