12 Sep
A Polaroid camera in every Ace Hotel New York mini-bar

The Ace Hotel group continue their inspired marketing collabs with a new partnership with The Impossible Project, manufacturers of instant film for classic Polaroid cameras. Much in tune with Ace’s vintage and Americana-themed vibe, The Impossible Project helps keep the defunct Polaroid cameras relevant by supplying them with lifegiving film. From now on each guest room’s mini-bar at the Ace Hotel New York will be stocked with a refurbished Polaroid camera and limited edition, custom packs of Impossible x Ace Hotel PX600 Silvershade instant black & white film. To celebrate the venture Ace and The Impossible Project will host a gallery show through October 14 featuring works by friends of the two companies. Starter kits with custom film and cameras will also be available for $150 at Ace’s online shop and at select niche retail shops worldwide including The Impossible Project Spaces in Vienna, Tokyo and New York.

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