26 Sep
Impeccable graphic tees from Sydney, Australia

Husband and wife duo Marc Hendrick and Anna Lunoe may have perfected it. Das Monk came about when the two wanted to begin designing t-shirts, but combine it with graphics from emerging artists around their home land in Australia. It allowed them to have a variety of prints and unique art work on their t-shirt designs.Their favorite designs are inspired by old cassette covers and 80’s album art. But Das Monk consists of tons of unique art work and surrealist design. The artwork has become so popular amongst the followers, that you can now purchase prints, if you would rather hang the pieces on the wall then sport it on your chest. Perhaps their good taste in design is what has made them so successful. Now partnering with artists from all over the world, who submit their pieces to Das Monk  on a daily basis. The variety of artists that they have used has given the company opportunity and exposure in countries outside their own, such as U.S, Japan, Canada and New Zealand. Launching a collection from new artists every three months, keeping the style fresh. Check out the collection below and on their site.

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