UPDATE: Seeing as Asher Roth’s brand new video for “Last Man Standing” — the first video from his upcoming album — dropped today as well, and it totally fits the theme, we’re gonna add it on to our Wednesday video 4-Pack.

Today’s music video 3-pack 4-pack throws together 3 indie hip-hop acts all in different stages of their career — obviously Spank Rock‘s place in music is well stamped, underscored by the fact their track is produced by heavyhitters Mark Ronson and Boys Noize and the anticipation is boiling over for their 5-years-in-the-waiting sophomore album Everything is Boring and Everyone is a Fucking Liar (out September 27th). Then there’s deconstructionalist art-house rappers Das Racist who yesterday dropped their debut album Relax (that’s the Director’s Cut video below for “Michael Jackson”, released yesterday). Lastly comes newbie white chick Australia-via-Los-Angeles rapper Iggy Azalea, whose “PU$$Y” is threatening to stir the interwebs in ways we haven’t since Kreayshawn decided to bag on basic bitches and their Guccis. Give ’em a whirl…

 Spank Rock’s “#1 Hit” below, plus videos for Iggy Azalea’s “PU$$Y”, Das Racist’s “Michael Jackson” and Asher Roth’s “Last Man Standing” after the Jump…

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  1. […] released Ignorant Art mixtape (download the mixtape here). Maybe not quite the stunner that her “PU$$Y” clip was, but we’ll see if the Australia-via-Los-Angeles emcee can keep the momentum rolling from […]

  2. […] worn by now: synchronized Bollywood dancing. It seems like she’s come a long way since her breakthrough “Pussy” track, although nothing since has really seemed to match “Pussy”‘s undeniable […]

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