The year 2008 was a great one for Robert Downey, Jr. The same year he played Tony Stark in Iron Man he also played Kirk Lazarus, the black faced “method actor” in Tropic Thunder. Both were big hits, but it was Iron Man that had legions of acne-pocked fanboys clamoring for more of the villainous character played by Jeff Bridges. Hot Toys, the Hong Kong-based toy studio, has heard the pleading and introduced a 1/6th-scale model of the iron juggernaut Iron Monger. Every detail has been derived from the film including the individualized metal plate, the light-up functions and weapons and a chassis that opens to reveal an incredibly lifelike head sculpture of Jeff Bridges as Obadiah Stone (see gallery below). The impressive figure measures 17.5″ tall and weighs roughly six pounds, and features a grip of functional LEDs, over 60 points of articulation, specially painted armor and a slew of action-figure compatible weaponry including boot jets, a canon launcher, a machine gun and mini rocket launchers. As far as vinyl figures go, you can call this one daddy. Pre-order your Iron Monger action figure from Sideway Collectibles for a hefty $479, but keep in mind you won’t receive it until the second quarter of 2012. But clearly some things are worth the wait my young nerdling…


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