20 Sep
UK's post-dubstep artist streams mix free till Friday

BBC Radio 1 is streaming the new mix that post-dubstep artist James Blake recorded for their Essential Mix series — you may remember we posted his “Lindisfarne” video as well as that James Drake Mashup Mixtape in the past couple months. Being his first time on The Essential Mix — one of the most consistent DJ/dance music mix series around — Blake puts together a very clever mix that keeps his sub-bass tones consistent while peppering in tracks from a sundry of unexpected artists: Salem, Snoop, D’Angelo, Stevie Wonder, Gavin Bryars and Arthur Russell all get heard along with plenty of his own tracks, of course. Give it a peep, it’ll only be up till Friday. One of the best new artists we’ve seen this year, if he’s in your city you don’t want to miss it…

Stream James Blake’s Essential Mix over at the BBC Radio 1.

James Blake “BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix” Full Track List after the Jump…

James Blake BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix Track List:
Erik Satie – “Gnossienne No.5?”
James Blake – “Olivia Kept?”
James Blake Versus Drake – “Half Heat Full Versus Up All Night?”
James Blake – “Pan”
Salem – “Trapdoor?”
Snoop Dogg – “Drop it like it’s Not (Harmonimix)?”
[unknown] – “Unknown?”
Klaus – “Tarry?”
D’Angelo – “One mo’ Gin?”
[unknown] – Sicko Cell
Blawan – “What You Do With What You Have”
James Blake – “No More Than A Road (Dub)?”
James Blake – “At Birth (Dub)?”
The Chain – “Suffer For Your Art??”
Peverelist – “Roll With The Punches (Harmonimix)?”
[unknown] – Navigator??OutKast – “Return of the G?”
Africa Hitech – “Out In The Street”
DJ Nate – “3 Peat?”
James Blake – “Deeds?”
Gavin Bryars – “Three Elegies for Nine Clarinets II?”
Gavin Bryars – “Three Elegies for Nine Clarinets III?”
Odi et Amo – “Johann Johannsson?”
Grouper – “Vessel?”
James Blake – “Untitled?”
James Blake – “Untitled?”
[unknown] – “What Was It?”
The Tallest Man on Earth – “Love Is All?”
SALEM – “Redlights?”
Rev. James Cleveland – “Jesus Saves?”
Trim – “Confidence Boost (Harmonimix)?”
James Blake – “Evening Fell Hard For Us?”
James Blake – “Placing Us?”
James Blake – “Words We Both Know?”
Arthur Russell – “Love Comes Back?”
Stevie Wonder – “You and I”

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