23 Sep
Jan Gunneweg creates bike made from all wood, tires not included

From glasses to tables, desks to benches, Jan Gunneweg has made a career out of working with wood — the Dutch industrial designer has become known for his re-creations of everyday items using fine lumber. His newest wonder is a wooden bike unlike any before — on par with Polish designer Stanislaw Ploski’s Bonobo Plywood Bike. What sets Gunneweg’s apart from the Bonobo is that along with the wooden bike frame, the handle bars, pedals and asymmetrical wheels are all made using wood as well. That’s right, the entire bike, with the exception of the tires, is made from timber. We aren’t sure how safe or smooth the ride is, but you can’t disregard the shear awesomeness surrounding the design of the bike, its 200+ hours of creation and Gunneweg’s ability to master unconventional materials.

via Lifelounge

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