27 Sep
Only 191 stainless steel framed bikes available this December

In 1962 a man named Alex Moulton, an English engineer and inventor, designed what would be called the Moulton Bicycle — best known for its unconventional frame design, small wheels and front and rear suspension. Now, almost 50 years later, the bikes are set to be rolled out again with the same Reynolds and Columbus stainless steel frame and attached with the signature small sized high pressure tires. With a dual format suspension and Alfine 11 speed controller, the rider has the flexibility to change gears depending on conditions. If you’re in the mood to relive the nostalgia that surrounded the 60’s, at least of that in the UK, you can pick up a limited edition Moulton for about $6,200 (£4,000). Act fast though, because only 191 bicycles are set to be released from their factory in Wiltshire.

via Road CC

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