9 Sep
In the land of Eastern Promises, will this car ever be produced?

Sure the realm of supercar providence has mostly been the iron-fisted dominion of Western Europe, but their borscht-swilling brothers in the Eastern Bloc have grown impatient with being ignored, and vow to enter the fray with their own gamble of heavily torqued tire melters. But given the investment, skill and experience needed to launch a legit automotive brand, the odds are heavily stacked against them — especially anyone playing in the supercar realm. But where there’s a will — and hundreds of millions in capital — there’s a way. Enter Arrinera De Veno, the first Polish supercar. Not usually known as an automotive hotbed, Poland aims to change their post-communist lemon rep. Partially developed by none other than automotive legend Lee Noble, the Lamborghini-aping supercar has to be given significant chance of survival given Noble’s involvement — Mr. Noble being a man noted for founding the British supercar marque bearing his name, as well as a handful of additional low volume coachbuilds. Like most of Noble’s many actualized designs, the De Veno will feature a light space frame with a mid-mounted engine — this time a 6.2-liter supercharged V8, which allegedly generates 650 hp with 820 Nm of torque, with a top speed of 211 mph (340 km/h). That’s tinkering with Aventador level power, which is clearly easier said than done. But if Arrinera wants to succeed in the very aesthetic-conscious world of the Supercar, it may have to separate its exterior a bit more from its Lambo inspiration. Right now it looks like little more than a special edition Gallardo, and few heavy hitters are going to cash in on a supercar that can’t cut its own racing line down the design track. Still, don’t discount the Polish completely — the Arrinera is said to be hitting real world streets in the near future, at a price of about $160,000 (100,000 GBP).

Half Gallardo half Murciélago, the Arrinera needs a bit of work in the originality department

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