Produced by independent English gin maker Professor Cornelius Ampleforth, Master of Malt has introduced the latest addition to their collection of fine spirits. Using a cold compounding method in a high quality copper pot, the spirit has been infused with Juniper, Orange peel, Cinnamon,  Cardamom, Clove and other ingredients that have furnished the Bathtub Gin with its unique taste. As can be expected of any proper Bathtub Gin, Professor Cornelius Ampleforth’s spirit is produced only in ultra small batches of 30-60 bottles at a time. The gin is beautifully packaged in traditional brown paper, with a hand-drawn print adoring the labels. Also, each bottle is hand-dipped in black wax and tied with twine to present the bottle of gin in a style reminiscent of the Victorian era. Grab a bottle for roughly $50 (£31.95).

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