21 Sep
Earn a buck off some suckers with Nostalgia Electrics

Sure summer is cooling down, but there’s always a need to beat the heat. And the next best thing to grabbing some ice cream, and better if you’re slimming down for Fall, is a snow cone. The shaved ice treat topped off with colored syrup may sound like an easy thing to make, but believe us when we say it isn’t — we’ve crushed many a finger trying. Nostalgia Electrics‘ Retro Series Snow-Cone Machine will have you chopping up blocks of ice in no time to create your own concoction of syrup-topped treats for everyone on your stoop. Or just keep it for yourself — indulge that inner child with a bucketful of chilled loveliness. C’mon, you’re an adult now — who’s gonna stop you? The Queen of England? Pick one up for $45.

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