7 Sep
Polish designer Bashko Trybek's glute muscle relaxer

You know those anti-stress balls you squeeze in your fist to ease the frustration of life’s many unexpected obstacles? Polish designer Bashko Trybek has created a metal wire frame chair which you load up with said balls, allowing you to squeeze away the frustation via your soon-to-be-massive glute muscles. There are 5 colors of balls to choose from, all based on the printing raster of magenta, cyan, yellow and black, plus the added bonus of some white balls. How you align said balls is up to you — we’re preferable to the 8-bit-like pirate skull pattern above, but you can certainly take it in much more colorful directions if you so choose. 5 to the power of 240 are the possible combinations you the creator can make — so go on with your bad self, make a decent pattern of anti-stress balls to really challenge your frustrated ass cheeks. Prices range from $800 – $1,100 (580€-780€), depending if you want 128 or 240 balls.

How to make your very own Anti-Stress Chair…

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