14 Sep
Viennese designer Philipp Aduatz's brown barrel friendly furniture

I don’t know exactly how comfortable Philipp Aduatz‘s Melting Chair would be to sit on, but I know in college it would’ve scared the hell outta some of my more hardcore Phish-listening friends. Things were always melting for them anyways, so lord knows how this chair would’ve affected their fragile psyches. The Viennese futurist designer crafted the Melting Chair out of glass fiber reinforced polymer with a special silver coating to give it its Terminator T1000 sheen — see it later this month at the London Design Festival.

One more image of Philipp Aduatz’s Melting Chair after the Jump…

via Design Milk

One Response to “The Melting Chair”

  1. Mark says:

    WOW really cool design. I would like to have this chair


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