19 Sep
A new custom build from the home of the Samurai Chopper

Famed Japanese custom motorcycle builder Zero Engineering, who originally went into production with their Samurai Chopper, have staked a name for themselves by producing meticulously engineered bikes with old school aesthetics. Their newest model, the Type 9, stays true to that mold — taking two years to perfect the design of a bike that features a rigid frame, smooth riding and handling made for the 21st century. While the bike features visual cues that resemble post-War American styling, the new design contains a slew of advancements that make this an innovative addition to the custom built motorcycling industry. A four-link suspension system, located in the back, keeps the wheel planted. Standard with all Type 9’s is an S&S 96ci Evo engine; if you’re in California, you can order a CARB-certified motor. Those looking for more power can upgrade the engine up to a two liter (124ci) version. As far as cosmetics go, you can have the engine finished in a natural or black color grade. Also, there’s an open primary with a 3-inch belt, and a heavy-duty Rivera Primo 5-Speed box that delivers the power to the back wheel. Prepare to throw down about $30,000 for your Type 9, which isn’t bad when you consider the fact that each Type 9 will be custom-built for its owners, down to the choice of metal for the pegs (brass, aluminum, or black anodized aluminum). Zero will also custom-paint the bike to your own wishes. For more specs of the Type 9, venture over to Zero’s site, here.

via Bike Exif

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