27 Oct
Snapbacks & trucker hats from the famed UK cultural agitator

Kind of hard to believe Banksy is actually officially involved in this hat collection, or it could just be a case of streetwear pop art appropriation — we’ll keep our eyes out. Rarely does the famed British street artist/cultural agitator/merry prankster license his work out, but it does happen every so often so I guess this could be legit. Japanese label 7 Union has just unveiled a collection of trucker hats and snapback caps featuring some of Banksy’s most famous works, such as the Molotov Flower Bouquet Cocktail Thrower and Hollywood Rat, embroidered on the crown in a variety of colors. Frankly I’m not all that impressed with the execution, but anytime Banksy’s involved in a clothing endeavor it’s eyebrow raising. The Banksy vs. 7 Union Hat Collection will be released early November.

“Where’s Hollywood” hat from the 2011 Banksy vs. 7 Union Hat Collection after the Jump…

via HighSnob & Hidden Champion

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