20 Oct
Premier Italian brake manufacturer introduces headgear

Brembo, the premier Italian brake manufacturer that supplies nearly every top of the line performance vehicle, has recently debuted their collection of Brembo Helmets. Ostensibly figuring protection in stopping is protection in crashing, their B-Tech and B-Jet, models feature an Automatic Fit Belt fastening system, a visor with added space and a wider visual angle for added safety, as well as a skin-friendly strap that ensures chaffing won’t occur. The B-Tech (below) is an urban, full-face helmet that comes in skinny black, skinny white, matte white, matte black, skinny titanium and skinny orange shell coloring. The B-Jet (above) is the world’s first jet helmet with the same AFB fastening and features removable washable interiors lined with hi-tech hypoallergenic and antistatic fabrics. The B-Jet comes in four colors: skinny red, skinny metal black, matt titanium, and skinny white. Bonus: Wearers of the B-Jet have the option to attach a special cheekpiece that holds and IDI Phone communication system (i.e. Bluetooth) so you’ll be able to take calls and/or listen to tunes while riding down the coast.

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