28 Oct
Tubular space frame + modified Corvette V8 engine

What happens when you take a 2-seater mid-engine sports car built around a German tubular space frame and stuff it with a 7-litre American engine plucked straight from the heart of a Corvette? Why CCG’s CustomGT Super Sports Car of course. This 14.3 foot long (4.356 m) land yacht is actually shockingly light on its feet thanks to its fiberglass- or carbon fiber-reinforced composite body panels — weighing in at only 2116-2337 lbs (960 kg-1,040 kg). Compare that to Ferrari’s racetrack-ready 430 Scuderia which weighs 2,755 (1,250 kg), and you can see how ballet-light the CustomGT is on its feet. The engine is tweaked to generate 550 hp, though you can throw in a turbo charger and rack it up to a hefty 740 hp. CCG promises a 0-62 time of under 3.3 seconds, with a top speed of 199 mph (320 km/h). The unique wrinkle of the CustomGT is you can make the green machine into a very green machine, as by request CCG can equip the two-seater with an LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) system which reduces exhaust and fuel consumption to a point of making it run about $1 for every 60 miles. Now that’s efficient. The interior comes stock loaded with alcantara and black leather, although CCG will tailor the car to your liking if you got the funds. All you gotta do is throw down the $160,800 (113.500 EUR), and the ultra-lightweight — and potentially eco-green — CCG CustomGT Super Sports Car is yours.

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  1. Aktionscode says:

    With the conversion going to $156K and the base GTM roller costing 19K.. LS corvette engine will be 10K max built add a supercharger etc say 20 for top of the line stuff… paint interior bits etc… 50K TOPS…

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