28 Oct
A heavenly instrument of chilly justice

Sharper Image is one of those stores that can suck you in with their cornucopia of cool shit that you will never, ever really need in life. The Crossbow Snowball Launcher is just the latest in unnecessary items you can buy and store in your closet for a rainy, er, snow day. We may not have much use for this in LA (other than hurling Italian Ice at tourists), but anyone on the East Coast, up north or over in Scandinavia might get more than one use out of the Crossbow Snowball Launcher a year. Load a snowball in the chamber, pull back the lever, aim at that punk Kevin from across the street and fire away at his unsuspecting ass. This heavenly instrument of chilly justice will only cost you $40, guaranteeing you’ll be king of the snowball fight during the next blizzard.

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