Following in the footsteps of Taschen’s Big Butt Book, the hefty coffeetable book Culo by Mazzucco is a 248 page homage to the female derrière. Photographed by Raphael Mazzucco (known mostly for his work with Sports Illustrated‘s swimsuit issues), Culo features over 200 photographs of naked behinds both famous and not-so famous, featuring the likes of everyone from Pamela Anderson and model Vildane to Sarah MacLachlan and Paris Hilton (does she even have an ass worth discovering?). The book is co-edited by Interscope mogul Jimmy Iovine and Sean “Diddy” Combs, but was really the brainchild of Iovine who came up with the idea when came back from shooting a $1 million video in Brazil with endless reams of well shaped culos. At least we can thank for something in this world. The nude bottoms of supermodels, singers, actresses and their well-formed ilk? Why not. As their marketing efforts trumpet, “The world is no longer flat”, so you might as well discover it. Pre-order it today for $40.

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Culo By Mazzucco by Jeth Weinrich ( feat. Timbaland, Guetta, Pittbull) from Vernard Goud-LuvnGrace Ent on Vimeo and Hypebeast

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