25 Oct
Handmade watch straps, belts & wallets from cordovan leathers

The fine leatherworkers at DaLuca Straps keep their formula simple: uncluttered leather goods carefully handmade in the USA out of the finest materials they can find. Most of the goods are designed and crafted in their hometown of San Diego, utlizing leathers sourced either from Sweden (from material used on high-end horse harnesses) or from Horween in Chicago. “We love to use chromexcel leather and shell cordovan for most of our wallets and NATO watch straps,” explains Dan Luczak, DaLuca’s founder and main designer. “Shell cordovan is known to be some of the absolute finest leather in the world for shoes and small/medium leather goods. It’s extremely pricey, but also beautiful and durable, not to mention the wonderful smell that it gives off.” Their goods include watch straps, belts and a variety of small, purpose-built snap wallets with solid hardware. If you’re looking for clean, well crafted leathers give their site a good look. Besides, if something ever does go wrong with their handmade goods, DaLuca will look after you. “We have some of the best customer service in the industry; we back all of our products 110%,” promises Luczak. “If you have an issue, we simply take care of it, even if you purchased the item from another person that purchased the product from us. Customer service is our biggest priority besides well designed and manufactured products.” And it’s no joke, the pieces smell better than any leather we’ve come across. Nice stuff.

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