Twenty years worth of diligent exploration and cratedigging in auction houses, garage sales, flea markets and online led Moss Lipow, an eyewear designer and collector, to amass a massive collection of glasses and their photographs. Now he’s compiled the highest quality examples from his collection, as well as prominent collections from around the world, into a hefty Taschen tome titled Eyewear. Tracing back over 500 years, the pieces include monocles, frames made of leather and wood, a bone-based sunshield and the ever popular aviator style glasses. A lot has changed since the 16th century, with eyewear growing from practical necessity to a fully embedded staple of our consumer society. Over 1,000 examples of glasses are included in this 360-page hard cover book, augmented with a rich history of the spectacle researched through ancient texts, vintage magazines and out-of-print publications. Pick up your copy of Eyewear through Taschen’s online store for $60.

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