7 Oct
UK builder aims for thrilling, visceral & dangerous production

Founded in the UK in 1958 by four brothers, Ginetta has mostly existed since as a kit car and one-off race car builder. While it has gone through various phases of inactivity, after new ownership purchased the brand in 2005 Ginetta has been focused on making about 300 cars a year. Now Ginetta announce the G60, a mid-engine car based on its predecessor the F400 but with some advancements and — in a most unusual move in these high-tech obsessed automotive times — some technological subtractions. Meaning that in order to go back to a more thrilling and visceral (and dangerous) driving experience, Ginetta has “purposely engineered-out any and all superfluous electronic gadgetry”, meaning say goodbye to the servo brakes, power assisted steering, ABS and traction control. A supercar that ditches traction control?! Say it ain’t so! To most purist drivers, this addition by subtraction is a godsend. The carbon fiber-bodied G60 shares the same 310bhp 3.7-litre Ford Mustang-sourced cyclone engine as its 185 mph GT3 racing cousin, and features a 6-speed manual gearbox with an ATB limited slip differential, a re-designed suspension incorporating unassisted rack and pinion steering and aluminium billet uprights for stiffness and improved handing. The results are a visually striking, challenging, utterly natural carbon fibre sports car with a top speed of 165+ mph and a 0-60 time of 4.9 seconds. Only 50 G60s will be built, weighing in at a gaunt 2,380 lbs (1,080 kg) each with a pricetag of about  $104,900 (£68,000), and will be officially unveiled at the Ginetta Championship Finals at Silverstone next Friday, October  14th, 2011.

More of the stripped down Ginetta G60 Supercar after the Jump…

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