San Fransisco-based studio Fuseproject has introduced their latest design by Yves Behar (who we’ve interviewed) and in collaboration with SyCip. The LOCAL is a unique design that came about as a means to address the needs of our daily lives. The Oregon Manifest Constructor Design Challenge (a competition to imagine a generation of sustainable transportation for urbanites) was the inspiration for the construction of the LOCAL, but it’s the functionality that coincide with the build that sets this bike apart from others. The LOCAL features a basket for carrying groceries but makes sure to keep it stylish with the addition of a holder for the rider to carry their surfboard to the nearest beach. If you’re in the Northwest, check out the LOCAL at the Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland, Oregon until October 29.

via Design-Milk

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  1. The LOCAL is a functioning tricycle for grocery shoppers. I like it and think it is great.

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