3 Oct
Modular Seating system by Studio Lawrence

While we’ve invited you to sit your ass down on a Space Invader, a Giant Rubiks Cube, a Twizzler and some Hay, perhaps it’s time to consider a Tetris-like seating arrangement for your derriere. Studio Lawrence‘s “To Gather” seating arrangements by designers Patrick de Louwere and Bart Eijking, premiered at the London Design Festival, are engineered to be placed together with other pieces in the collection to create numerous, easily transformable seating combinations. For instance a two-seater linear sofa can convert into a loveseat, or seats lined up in a waiting room or corporate lounge can become colorful constellations encouraging engagement. The standard seat is about 19 inches wide and is available with a set of arms, a single arm or without, and a wider option of almost 30 inches with arms holds a square 100% wool  felt-covered cushion that can be used as a surface for working on or a laptop. The seats can be linked using a variety of angled and square connecting elements. To take a closer look at the Dutch pair’s To Gather collection, check out their product sheet here.

via Design Milk

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