27 Oct
Only 1,100 homage bikes from "The Great Escape" to be made

Our society’s love for Steve McQueen shows no sign of slowing down, and although I hesitate to worship false idols there are few better men we could learn a thing or two from. Who are 21st Century America’s male cultural touchstones? Donald Trump? Glenn Beck? Lebron James? The Situation for chrissakes? Hell no! No wonder our cultural foundation is cracking like Charlie Sheen’s psyche. So I say if you’re gonna take lessons on style or the simple Rules Of Manhood, the Book Of McQueen is as good a place to start as any. On that note, Triumph’s upcoming Steve McQueen Edition Bonneville T100 is a nice place to begin your studies. Inspired by the legendary Triumph Trophy TR6 that McQueen insisted on riding during the famous stunt scene in The Great Escape — well actually it was Bud Ekins who performed the famous jump (due to insurance reasons, McQueen was furious when denied), but who’s counting — the limited edition motorcycle features modifications like the  military-style Matte Khaki Green paint scheme, stencil-style Triumph decal on the tank and McQueen’s signature on the side covers. There’s also a bunch of blacked-out parts like the headlamp, wheel rims and hubs, handlebars, luggage rack, rear springs, mirrors and front mudguard supports. Like The Great Escape bike it is fitted with a solo seat, naturally. The Steve McQueen Edition Triumph Bonneville T100 motorcycle will be limited to only 1,100 units sold worldwide, individually numbered on a handlebar plaque with an official certificate of authenticity to verify the bike’s exclusivity — and your good taste. More specs and pricetag to be revealed at Triumph’s EICMA press conference on 8 November.

Steve McQueen having some fun on his Triumph Trophy TR6 during filing of “The Great Escape”

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