4 Oct
Honda CRF450X gets AWD... is it the future of off-road racing?

Based on one of the top dirt bikes on the market, the Honda CRF450X, is a brand new modified 2-wheeler that shares power to both wheels. Utilizing a chain and shaft-driven system, Philadelphia engineer Steve Christini has developed a mechanical AWD that delivers power to the front wheel, a crucial handling advancement achieved with very little horsepower lost in the process. The Honda CRF450X has won more races in Baja than all other recent 450-class motorcycles combined, so it’s already a winner — with Christini All Wheel Drive Motorcycles‘ adjustments the bike gets even more potent, with some claiming it’s the future of off-road racing. The AWD system weighs in at just 15 lbs (6.8 kg), and allows the 450 cc Liquid Cooled Four Stroke engine to feed power to the wheel that needs it most instead of just relying on the rear wheel to do all the work. “The front-to-rear power ratio is adjustable with a simple sprocket adjustment,” says Christini. “This allows for nearly unlimited fine-tuning of the AWD system to suit riding conditions and personal riding preference.” The Christini 450 Dirtbike has a pricetag of $6,895, with a more performance race-oriented 300 model — featuring a Gas Gas engine and other high-end racing components — available for around $8,995.

A look at the higher performance The All Wheel Drive Christini 450 Dirtbike after the Jump…

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