26 Oct
Some Gigamesh, Justice, Yuksek, Holy Ghost & more

It’s hard justifying not posting everything The Magician puts out when his mixtapes are so damn irresistible. Sure we posted  Magic Tape Five, then Magic Tape Twelve, and of course the BEAN mixtape, but yesterday The Magician put out his Magic Tape Sixteen and I see no reason to not share it with the people. You work hard, you deserve it. The latest from ex-Aeroplane member Stephen Fasano features Gigamesh, Justice, Yuksek, Holy Ghost and more, plus a remix of Moon Boot’s “Off My Mind” by Rogue Vogue which you can download free HERE. The Belgian’s latest Magic Tape Sixteen is well worth streaming below and downloading at will. Enjoy…

Magic Tape Sixteen by TheMagician

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  2. The link isn’t working for me, but it sounds pretty interesting, since I’m a big magic fan.

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