8 Nov
Bentley of Motorcycles bespoke creation takes 6 months to build

Very few motorcycles from the halcyon years of British motoring rival that of Brough Superior, with the exception of perhaps your Vincents. And now the legendary marque has been resurrected, selling their vintage inspired bespoke motorcycles in extremely limited numbers with updated technology — developed in partnership with tuners from the world of Formula 1. Just as George Brough did from 1919-1940, the modern bikes are all handbuilt to customer’s specifications. Now they’ve reserved one SS100 Retro Pendine Racer exclusively for Builtwell, the Utah-based men’s pedigree apparel company. Although all Brough Superior motorcycles are sold out until 2013, you can get your hands on the 1000cc Brough Superior Retro Pendine Racer by putting down 50% deposit of the $250,000 pricetag — then waiting 6 months while they handcraft your bespoke motorcycle by hand in England and Austria. Find out more about the quarter million dollar motorcycle at Builtwell.

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