7 Nov
A look behind the the controversial Chinese artist

Alison Klayman, a documentarian whose stories have been featured on Current TV, AP Television and CBC, is the woman behind the newest documentary on Ai Weiwei — the famed Chinese contemporary artist and human rights activist (and man behind the impressive Forever Bicycles exhibit). In the film Never Sorry, viewers get a look at the mind behind the controversial works that are mostly directed to China’s authoritarian society. Weiwei was the artistic consultant on the Beijing National Stadium (also known as the Bird’s Nest) for the 2008 Summer Olympics, but he’s most notably known for his arrest earlier this year on trumped-up charges. His previous investigations into government corruptions were what many believed to be the real reason he was held in custody for two months. The film is a candid insight into the life of this artist through interviews with close family and friends, fellow activists and supporters and Weiwei.

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry TEASER from Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry on Vimeo.

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