29 Nov
A symphonic showdown of Germany's greatest nemeses

There’s car porn, and then there’s car porn. Sometimes its just pure mechanical mayhem, with two ultra-supercars battling it out at speeds that would make jet pilots pee their knickers. Other times it’s a simple straightaway, except with 12 sports cars from across the wide gamut of performance cars duking it out for automotive superiority. And other times, it’s simply appropriating the sound of some highly tuned German workhorses and layering them over classical music. The video above, The Mechanical Synfonica, is firmly the third option. Created by Format67 and filmmakers Daniel Michaelis and Alexander Sperr, The Mechanical Synfonica pits a highly tuned Audi vs a BMW, both tweaked by German tuner Rieger to make sweet, sweet music bellow forth from their exhaust pipes. Sure the visuals are perty and all, but what you really gotta do is close your eyes and dial up your stereo, and let the Audi’s biturbo and BMW’s V8 make tender love to your relenting, wonton earballs…


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