30 Nov
Exclusive $3,500 bike features Kevlar-reinforced racing tires

The last time we mentioned Derringer Cycles it was to introduce you to their Bespoke Collection of hand built, unique motorcycle/bicycle hybrids. This time they’ve hooked up with luxury furniture retailer Restoration Hardware for an exclusive limited edition motorbike that looks like vintage 2-wheeler from the 1920s. Like all Derringer Cycles, functionality is primary in these modern interpretations with a moto-hybrid drive which allows the rider to pedal or rely on engine power — using the latter can achieve up to 35 mph and get 180 miles to the gallon. What makes these a special edition? Founder Adrian Van Anz and company have painted the bike in Restoration’s signature grey and loaded it with Kevlar-reinforced racing tires and a copper riveted black leather saddle from Brooks. Make one yours for $3,500 by contacting Derringer Cyles directly.

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