30 Nov
Metronomy, 120 Days, Juan Maclean, Elite Gymnastic & more

Our friend Franki Chan — promoter of Check Your Ponytail! 2, founder of the iheartcomix record label, esteemed illustrator, global DJ and all around raconteur — has dropped his latest mix for Los Angeles footwear label Generic Surplus. Not only is Franki our boy but he’s also one helluva DJ — the Generic Surplus mixtape kicks off the with awesome Metronomy, then bounces around to 120 Days before ending off with The Juan Maclean and Elite Gymnastic. Nice one. As usual, stream below and download at will.

Full tracklist for Franki’s Chan Generic Surplus mixtape after the Jump…


Franki Chan “Generic Surplus” Mixtape Tracklist:

1. Metronomy – Everything Goes My Way (Pyschemagik Remix)
2. Benoit & Sergio – Everybody
3. Pacific! – Unspoken (Anoraak Remix)
4. 120 Days – Osaka (Diskjokke Remix)
5. Austra – Beat And The Pulse (Still Going Remix)
6. Soft Metals – The Cold World Melts
7. Beni – Someone Just Like You (Villa Remix)
8. The Juan Maclean – Human Disaster (Holmes Price Remix)
9. Elite Gymnastics – M i n n e a p o l i s B e l o n g s T o Y o u

We mistakenly credited Joy Orbison being on this mix previously, sorry for the error!

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