22 Nov
Modernized 2-wheeler features replicated McQueen paintwork

Considered a modern reinterpretation of the classic all terrain scrambler, the Husqvarna Concept MOAB was recently showcased at the Milan Motorcycle Show. Some may notice that the colorway resembles that of the paintwork on Steve McQueen’s 1970 Husqvarna 400 Cross — arguably one of the most famous examples of the proud Swedish lineage. A stripped down frame compliments the proven Rotax/BMW 650 unit engine, complimented with 17″ front and rear wheels, fitted Pirelli MT60RS dual sport tires, modern touches like LED lights in the front number holder and long seat designed for a more comfortable riding position during your long hours of dirt path blazing… or 405 traffic splitting. As of now the bike is a one-off concept, although Husqvarna and its BMW overlords are considering production.

One more photo of the Husqvarna Concept MOAB Scrambler after the Jump…

via Bike Exif

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