18 Nov
Second Exhibition of the hat competition is held in Milan

Assembling a vision of unique hats from diverse artists hailing from Germany, Spain, Italy, England, Sweden, United Arab Emirates and Africa, Introducing New Era hosted the second edition of their exhibition of custom hats on November 18 & 19. The hats are all based on New Era’s ubiquitous 59FIFTY caps, but they resemble works of art rather than your run-of-the-mill cap. One hat spawned an amazingly life like turtle; another hat holds a head of a boy wearing a cap with a beautiful blossomed tree on it. The exacting detail and singular design of each hat reveals the skills of the artists and their fantastic ideas come to life. 80 finalists were selected for the second exhibition at gallery XL in Milan, with the previous exhibitions showcasing in London and Berlin. The hats are truly fascinating in their originality and mind-bending structure — and like other fashionable art, probably ridiculously uncomfortable. The United Arab Emirates’ Lina Al Amoudi won the competition, collecting £10,000 to assist in launching her creative career — follow the rest of the competition here.

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