30 Nov
Billie Achilleos celebrates 25 years of French luxury in Australia

British artist Billie Achilleos has crafted these Australian animal icons out of Louis Vitton bags to celebrate the vaunted French luxury label’s 25 years in the Land Down Under. They were commissioned by LV to dress up their flagship Louis Vuitton Maison store in Sydney — the highest level of LV shopping available, the Maison stores only exists in the fashion capitals of New York, London, Tokyo and Paris. Achilleos had previously been commissioned to craft 4 animals (armadillo, chameleon, beaver & grasshopper) made of Louis Vuitton to help launch LV’s My Monogram service for their Small Leather Goods, so the leap to the Australian animals seems appropriate. They remind me a bit of those dogs sculpted from Nike Air Max sneakers, of course with a much higher pedigree of materials. See Achilleos make the British animals in the video below.

Kangaroo above, and hit the Jump to see Billie Achilleos’ Louis Vitton koala bear & crocodile

via Hypebeast

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