8 Nov
The man behind the mask sheds some light on his enigma

The great MF DOOM sits down with the Red Bull Academy in Madrid to wax eloquent on sorts of topics, from his early cameos on 3rd Bass’s “Gas Face” and his time in KMD to explaining the origins — and characteristics — of his many aliases. It’s a long talk — about an hour and forty minutes — but just play it in the background while you work, and listen to one of hip hop’s most creative, and enigmatic, personalities open up about everything from how he assembles a track to the early inspirations of his sound collage productions. Because of his mask, it’s long been rumored that DOOM (aka Daniel Dumile) would send friends in his mask to fulfill interview responsibilities, so to know that you’re actually hearing words of truth coming straight from the mask of DOOM himself is a welcome event. Props to Red Bull who continue putting their money behind marketing efforts that are actually worth engaging in. Pick up your Operation: Doomsday MF Doom Lunchbox, grab a snack and tall glass of frosty milk, and learn a thing or two son…

Lecture: DOOM (Madrid 2011) from Red Bull Music Academy on Vimeo.

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  1. HIPHOPKID says:

    MF looking crispy lol Hes one of the DOPEST MCs of ALL time

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