Sure they may be a bit aesthetically challenging, but Santa Cruz‘s new Beer Cruzer skateboard collection is sure to hit many a man in a well considered sweet zone. Combining two of his greatest loves and/or reasons to hurt himself — beer and skateboarding — the venerable Santa Cruz Skateboards line connects with everyman brewery Pabst Brewing Company to create a series of decks that pay homage to Pabst’s line of backyard party swill. Pabst, Colt 45, Schlitz, Lone Star, Olympia, Primo — no, you won’t confuse any of the latter with Fat Tire, Arrogant Bastard or Chimay, but the line-up has certainly been responsible for countless legendary memories… and moments never to be remembered again. Curse you Colt 45 — you may work every time, but you’ve certainly done substantial damage to our pickled memory banks! Featuring integrated bottle openers into the decks and customized beer-inspired wheels, you can pick your poison for between $136-$164 for a complete deck over at NHS.

via Mashkulture

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