16 Nov
Old fashion blend made from Madagascan vanilla & cinnamon

The fine folks at Professor Cornelius Ampleforth have a record of introducing fine spirits crafted with classic time tested techniques, such as their Bathtub Gin and Proprietary Barley Spirit, and their latest offering only adds another must-have drink to their catalogue. The Caribbean rum, dubbed Rumbullion!, is distilled with Madagascan vanilla, orange grind, cinnamon, cloves and cardamon. Like Professor Cornelius Ampleforth’s other spirits, the Rumbullion comes wrapped in crinkled brown paper with twine, each bottle illustrated with a print depicting an old naval grog tub bearing the words “The Queen, God Bless Her”. Topping of this old fashioned spiced maritime rum, you’ll find it’s sealed with black wax and will run you about $53 (£33) at Master of Malt.

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