1 Nov
Odd Future quells the anxiety of concerned citizens everywhere

Turns out to be a very musical Tuesday here at the LIAS bunker, as the first video from Odd Future sub-group The Internet hits the, ummm, internets. Syd The Kyd and Matt Martian together make up The Internet, and after releasing a couple tracks (“Love Song -1″ and “They Say”) have decided on making “Cocaine” the first video from their upcoming debut album Purple Naked Ladies (out December on Odd Future Records). Featuring a guest verse by fellow OFWGKTA staple Left Brain, the video will do much to quell the anxiety of concerned citizens everywhere who see the Odd Future bunch as a reckless crew of drug abusing misogynists. Maybe. Kinda sorta. Directed by Matt Alonzo, you can pick up “Cocaine” — the track, anyways — starting tomorrow on iTunes…

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